10 reasons in favour of MESSE BREMEN








Short journeys

MESSE BREMEN is located in the town centre.








Catchment area

Bremen has 680 000 residents and a catchment area of 4 million people.









Exhibiting areas, conference rooms and a hotel is all compactly located under one roof.









Congress rooms and halls cover the whole breadth of events with many variation possibilities.








The venue

The halls offer plenty of space for ideas ranging from 2 000 to 10 000 m² and can be used individually or with direct route guidance as one large area. There is also a large open area in front of the halls.









5 000 hotel beds are only a short walk away and the city offers more than 10 000 in total.








Getting here

The exhibition venue is only a 15-minute drive from the international airport and there are 2 500 parking spaces directly in front of the halls.








First class infrastructure also includes the latest technology.









We offer a wide range of services from advice and conception to project handling and detailed order forms for technical services.









We provide a full service which starts with the hotel room contingency and by no means ends with the development of an accompanying programme. You have the choice!

Explore Bremen

Tradition and forward-looking, museums and musicals, shopping and bike paths – Bremen has a great deal to offer. The tourist office website provides plenty of useful and interesting information.

Places of interest

The Viertel

Like many other things in Bremen, high and subculture are found close to one another – including also in this district on the edge of the centre. The Kunsthalle Bremen and other museums as well as the Theater Bremen are also at the start of the Ostertorsteinweg road.

The Böttcherstraße

A road which is an expressionist work of art in itself – with the Böttcherstraße just below the Marktplatz, businessman Ludwig Roselius paid a tribute to his decaffeinated coffee, Kaffee HAG.

The Schlachte

Walk along this promenade along the river Weser and you can imagine you have stepped back in time to the Hansa era – experience Bremen from its maritime side along the Schlachte.

The Schnoor

Here the name says it all: in Bremen’s oldest neighbourhood which dates back to the 15th and 16th century, the houses all stand closely next to one another like beads on a “Schnoor” or “Schnur” in High German (or “string” in English)!

The Rathaus (Town Hall) and the Roland

The 600 year-old town hall with its Weser renaissance-style façade and ten-metre-high Roland statue from the same era are Bremen’s greatest cultural gems. The ensemble on the Marktplatz was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2004.

The Town Musicians of Bremen

The donkey, dog, cat and rooster – all children are familiar with the animals from the famous fairytale. This memorial to them stands at one corner of the Town Hall and if you throw a coin into the ground a few metres further down, you will even be rewarded by one of the musicians thanking you!

Tradition and science

A business location with tradition

Whether aromatic coffee, delicious chocolate, crunchy fish fingers or a refreshing beer: Bremen is on everyone’s lips! Many traditional brands are at home on the Weser and the food industry is the second biggest industry sector in the city state after the automobile industry.

This is hardly surprising: Germany’s first coffee house opened here in the 17th century, for example, and it was a resident of Bremen who created the famous HAG decaffeinated coffee at the start of the 20th century. Fish has an even longer tradition here: the German deep-sea fishery originated in Bremerhaven and the maritime city remains the centre of German fishing trade to the present day.

At the same time, Bremen is also a location for technology, high tech even. Cars have been built here on the Weser since 1938 and the local
Mercedes-Benz plant is the second biggest worldwide. The University of Bremen also has Europe’s only drop tower, visible from afar, for microgravity experiments.

Further information available from the WFB Wirtschaftsförderung Bremen website and the Exploring Bremen website, of course!

Science from Bremen

The world’s first helicopter took off in Bremen which was developed by engineer Henrich Focke in 1932. Today the Hansa town is an important location for the aerospace industry which employs 12 000 people. Many companies in Bremen are responsible for innovative projects including the equipping of the wings and landing flaps of the Airbus airplanes, the science laboratory Columbus for the International Space Station ISS and the operation of the European ISS components. Galileo navigation satellites and important components of the European Ariane launch vehicle also originate from companies based on the Weser.

With the Centre for Marine environmental Sciences (Marum), the local university also has an excellence cluster. Non-university clusters are equally excellent for example the German Research Centre for Artificial Intelligence and the biggest marine science institution in Germany, the Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research. In relation to the population, Bremen also has the most major research facilities in Germany.

Hotels in the Hansa town


Due to the nature of Corona, tickets for trade fairs and exhibitions can sometimes only be purchased online. You will find the digital ticket shops – as well as prices and special conditions – on the websites of the respective events. For on-site ticket purchase options, please also refer to the respective event website.

Tickets for many concerts and sporting events at the ÖVB-Arena can also be booked at eventim and Nordwest Ticket.

Food and Drink

Our in-house caterer geschmackslabor | event & catering provides good food during our events.

On the other hand, there are a large number of mobile coffee bars and snack stations in the halls with an international range of food for both large and small appetites.