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Professional Programme of talks panels, and presentations for the jazzahead! trade fair in Bremen is announced:

Current topics, new approaches and future trends for jazz and the music sector...

A central element of jazzahead! is the Professional Programme of panels, talks and presentations at the trade fair, which is the largest of its kind anywhere in the world. From Thursday, 11 April to Saturday, 13 April, industry leaders from the international jazz sector will gather in Bremen to make connections, discover new music and take inspiration from talks, panels and presentations in the professional programme. This year’s events have a strong focus on quality rather than quantity, and will address a selection of current issues facing the music industry in general and the jazz world in particular: how to make touring more sustainable; collaborations between labels; income generation from frequently overlooked sources. Issues which are particularly topical, such as diversity, gender equality, education and inclusion, overcoming racism and the significance and changing role of jazz on the radio will also be on this year’s programme.

Experiences of collaborative working, and the lessons to be learned from them will be a strong driver of many contributions, whether in the ‘Label Connection’ session, or in the focus on sustainability in touring. jazzahead!’s project partner „Better Live“ has a programme scheduled for the conference which will include a panel session on the function and role of the curator, a presentation based on pan-European research and work in the public realm, as well as practical workshops for producers and promoters about how to shift the way we think, and how to embed sustainable practices into live event production.

In the future, a digital „Green Touring Tool“, in which jazzahead! is playing a leading role and working together with partner organisations from France, the Zone Franche and the Office National de la Diffusion Artistique (French National Office of Artistic Distribution), should enable ground-breaking cooperation in terms of tour planning and attract further participating organisations. A presentation of the project, which the consortium hopes will bring about a paradigm shift in the music sector, will take place on Saturday, 13 April from 16:45 to 17:30, as part of the jazzahead! conference programme.

As part of a new three-year programme of cooperation with music markets outside Europe, the focus will be on building the profile of „Jazz from Africa“ and enabling it to be more widely heard. Panels in this context will answer questions about why the time has come for jazz from Africa or why jazz from Africa is not (necessarily) World Music. „The African continent is not only the Cradle of Mankind, it is also the place where the music we call jazz originated,“ says jazahead!’s Artistic Advisor Götz Bühler. „That said, the rich and constantly evolving music and jazz traditions and innovations from many of the continent’s 54 countries have often been under-represented in the past. Our aim is to help to change that.“ In a panel on Saturday, 13 April, from 3:45 to 4:30 pm, protagonists of the current scene – from artists to label representatives – will show the audience that the time for jazz from Africa is…NOW.

This year, jazzahead! will also be hosting a meeting of members of the EBU, the European Broadcasting Union, and will use the opportunity to present a panel on „Jazz on the Radio“. The medium of radio is undergoing existential change and facing challenges worldwide, notably in public service broadcasting.

On behalf of jazzahead!, the p.r.o. Agency, a specialist provider based in Wuppertal, is organising a presentation for artists and labels on the topic of INTERNATIONAL NEIGHBOURING RIGHTS. The protection and administration of secondary exploitation rights has become an essential part of the music industry’s revenue structure – labels and artists lose income if they do not make use of these rights. This session will take place on Thursday 11 April from 15:30 to 16:15.

Registration for the trade fair is still possible until 27 March at the discounted spring tariff; on-site registration involves additional procedures and extra cost.

Warning: There has been another outbreak of emails from scammers offering to sell the data of registered jazzahead! participants. We would like you to be aware that jazzahead! is currently taking legal action against these individuals.

Incidentally, if you can’t make it to Bremen yourself, but would like to be part of our worldwide community, there is a legal and convenient way to participate in the 2024 trade fair network: for just 50 Euros plus VAT, a „Sneak In Registration“ offers digital access to our entire network. Yes, being there is everything, even if it’s only virtually….

More information on this at jazzahead.de.

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